The RMVS solution

RMVS technology

Robust, mobile, changeable and secured

RMVS is an high quality audio/video transmission, conceived to allow a quick installation and use with a real time secured transmission in every environments.

Gathered inside a robust suitcase, each components have been thought to maximise the system’s image, sound and self sufficiency quality:

  • 3 HD autonomous wifi camera IP68
  • HD High Fidelity Micro
  • Transmission antennas and WiFi/4G server
  • Multiple fixing accessories
  • Mobile tablet for automatic screen return and presentation
  • Battery (7 hours of autonomy)
  • Electrical connection
  • Cables and connections
Dual source audio / video synchronization
5-7 heures Autonomy
Secure transmission
Assembly in 3 connections
Automatic link
Live Feed + Recording
Real time Transmission

Full capture of the intervention from different angles, using the 3 wireless HD cameras and a vga / HDMI source of the supplied mounting hardware: chest clips, tripods, clamps.

Synchronization image / sound double source: Micro HD Hi-Fi or Audio Player Link and return screen automatic: Tablet and / or secure live streaming.

Drone twinning

RMVS can be coupled with the use of one or more drones, for larger shots of certain events or locations of intervention, or for larger scale surveillance.

A high-tech equipment

Easy set up and transport

3 WIFI Waterproof camera
High Fidelity Hi/Fi Micro
Standalone WiFi Repeater
Mobile tablet for automatic screen return and presentation (optional: 2nd independent wireless remote control tablet)
Robust suite case
EarNode (independant wifi micro)
EyeNode (independant wifi HDMI transmitter )
  • Fixing accessories
  • Batteries
  • Power connection
  • Cables and connections

A tool in constant evolution

With more features

Real time secure streaming server with anthentification
In progress
Modèle sac à dos (au lieu de valise)
Under study
Remote control with preview
In progress
WiFi wireless microphone
In the course of testing