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Simulations & Interventions (training)

Issue :

Training simulations and its organisation is expensive. The supply chain is complex. How can we benefit from particular educational events? How to follow an unexpected military assignment live?

Solution :

With RMVS, HD cameras allow during training simulations to see from various points of views for a complete coverage on fields actions: on board cameras soldier/enemy, inside building’s cameras or drones’ twinning for a panoramic view. Sessions could be recorded and enable to compile pedagogical views.

Operations, Surgery

Issue :

Operative block has an important place within medical course. How to make it more reachable? How can we help students, wherever they are, to assist major surgeries?

Solution :

Thanks to RMVS REGIE, 3 HD cameras can be used as a fixed software or as an embedded one on the main surgeon. Through Hifi HD micro, the operator might be heard by all students.

The operator could stamp the most important parts, especially during long surgeries in order to facilitate the broadcast or the pedagogical videos’ editing.

Medicals operations
Concert / festival

Live broadcast

Issue :

How to ensure security during an event in a place usually unprepared for it? How can we help people to see an event they missed?

Solution :

RMVS regie is able to:

  • Quickly and easily set up a surveillance video’s system which can carry on for eight hours in order to check your head house at any time.
  • To receive and live broadcast event’s images. It may be used as a backstage camera, drone or an embedded software.
Audio synchronisation / double video source
Different views
Drone twinning
Secured transmition
Live Feed + Recording
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