Real Motion View System
Mobile regie for Audio / Vidéo HD transmission.
Set up, record and relay
in less than five minutes !

Ideal for formations, interventions, simulations or events. Mobile HD RMVS Regie will allow you to set up an educational broadcast, surveillance or a quick and easy live stream – everything is in the suitcase !



A fifteen years field experience concerning IT stock and their supervision, a tailor made assistance and solutions developpment for industries, SID makes, sells and follows its owns technologies.

SID embodies technicals teams for the research and developpment regarding IT and materials technologies, secondment, formation but also assistance and supervision.

SID aimed at working with the public and private sector in various professions, adapting to many specificities. ( Health, formation, éducation, service, trade or business)

The recognized experience on IT managment, on securing it with simples and adequats equipments, allows a self sufficiency and global control on our products.

You can find us in France Lyon and Montpellier. But we may operate everywhere.

Our Datacenter based in FRANCE is HDS certified.

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